My Liebster Moment!!!

Thank you Shreesha Divakaran for letting me relive my Liebster moments! Since she has already summed up what’s the award about( I’ll go straight to the lovely questionnaire that she has put together….

1)If You had to choose one(only one) out of the following which one would you choose and why:Books, Travelling,Music,Sports,Video Games,Movies,Food?

Well, I would have chosen Sports if not for my bone tumour. So Music it is,for me. Its what I feel is an expression of my soul and so whether banging heads to heavy metal or cozying up to my girlfriend over a ballad, music is for all moods,all weathers.

2)Holiday Destination:Would you choose a place with:Beaches,Lakes,Mountains,Desert or Plains/Fields?Why?

Mountains-hands down! There is nothing more majestic than the Himalayas, soaring above us mere mortals to kiss the feet of the GODS. I went on a trip to Manasarovar once and bang! it blew me off my senses.

3)Which of the following best describes your personality while you were in school/college:Nerd,Class Clown, Hottie/Hunk, Friend-to-all,Introvert?

Definitely not a hunk 😀

I would say, more of a mix of being the Class Clown and introvert. I know this is possibly a weird combination but that’s the way it was. I could crack everyone up in the class but at the same time shut up like an oyster while talking to people. Urrrggghhhh!!!!!Frustrating!!!

4)If you could go on a date with a celebrity,who would you chose?

Has to be Gemma Atkinson. She’s beautiful,she’s sexy and she’s a Manchester United fan! She’s the one,definitely.

5)What’s your favourite genre of music?

Rock,Blues,Blues-Rock. Rock is music,music is rock.There are no two ways about it. And I am not going to apologise when I say teen pop makes me puke and cry. Rock was invented as a voice of protest,as an expression of feelings and so has it remained.(Death Metal is not rock and so all the hate some songs of that genre spew has nothing to do with rock&roll). And yes,the blues! Ah,the blues! Makes you want to forget that there is some evil in the world after all, that you have to get up next morning and face your everyday problems again.

“I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day”


“Its the bluest blues, and it cuts you to the bone”

Alvin Lee

6)What’s the most insane thing that you have ever done in your life till date?

Well, well, well… the following incident is definitely more criminal than insane 😀

When I was in class 9, we had a maths teacher who didn’t know anything remotely related to maths. He didn’t teach well and on top of that had already pissed us off by marking our papers with a vengeance. So I decided to teach him a lesson of my own. I sneaked a Pepsi Can fitted with a capacitor in to the school and purposely keep it on my desk,toying with it so that he would notice me. He did see me and as expected came up to my place to admonish me. He grabbed the can to take it away and the rest is history. He got a powerful electric shock upon which he complained to our “The Mr.Headmistress”(He was brilliant in English too!). The class got suspended for a week and I,for three months.

7)If you could relive(and/or) change one day of your life,which one would it be?

Relieving this one is painful,to say the least. While in college, I stood up once to a gang of local goons under the tutelage of a local MLA who were trying to molest one of my seniors. I couldn’t protect her fully, She ended up with her clothes torn in front of a crowd and I ended up in a hospital with many bruises. I wish I could have saved her the humiliation and beat up the goons like a superhero or someone like that. 😦

8)If you could change one thing about yourself,what would you change?

My bone tumour. I wish it could go away and let me live a normal life.How I want to play football again! 😦

Anyways since that’s irreversible, I would definitely like to do away with my temper(always on a tight leash)

9)Did you at any point in your life believe the world would end in December 2012? 😛

Yes,I did and I started putting together all the money I could afford so that I could visit Old Trafford to see Manchester United play one last time. 😀

10)School or college?Which one is/was way better?Why?

School. Being from a small town and the college being in a big city, I could never really adapt to life in college. On top of that,more than half the crowd in the college were from Mumbai or Delhi(big cities).I felt like a fish out of water. School was our holy ground for all mischief. And of course college meant adulthood, school a return to innocence 🙂

My nominees are: Ria, Sakshi Shioramwar, Harsha Bhuiyan,Puja Roy,Arpitha, Sakshi Nanda,Karanvir Kour, A randomStateOfMind, Bhumi Jayalakshmi, Pooja Pradeep ,Saru Singhal,Nilanjana Bose, Rayla Noel

Please do try to answer the questions. As Shreesha says, its optional but still,its fun!

And here’s my list:

1)Imagine you are stuck on an unknown island with only a bar of chocolate. What would you trade it for:Clothes, A Boat or The Bible(The Gita or The Koran as you like)?Why?

2)What’s worse? A screaming Boss on Fridays or an emotionally manipulative mom?Explain.

3)Take your pick: ‘Malibu with Brad Pitt/Penelope Cruz’ or ‘Candle Light Dinner with Deepika Padukone/Ranbir Kapoor?Why?

4)What’s your Eureka! moment?

5)Blog or Diary:What do you prefer writing in?

6)What’s your definition of an ideal partner?

7)What’s your romantic roadtrip:A Horse Cart ride near the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta or a long ride in your car on the Mumbai-Pune highway?

8)The world’s ending in 30 minutes. I can grant you three wishes. Ask ’em fast! 😀

9)India’s biggest problem:Corruption or Disrespect to Women?(Alright you can say both but you gotta explain)

10)If you could apologise for some past mistake what would that be?

Bonus Question: One word for yourself.

Run Forrest Run!



I chose freedom,
My mind and soul screamed me to,
I couldn’t resist the urge.

I embraced the open air,
and the green fields,
They looked magnificent to me.

I chose to be free,
but it fooled me,
with it’s characteristic charm of easy life.

No longer did I have to take time seriously,
Every time I thought,
Why bother?I am free!

They unshackled my cords,
let me into the open,
only to be bound by