Its only a day,GODDAMNED!!!

Me:Sir, I won’t be coming to office on Monday.


Me:My brother’s getting married.


Me:I have to be there.

Manager:Your brother’s getting married, not you. Take a leave when you get hitched.

I didn’t get the leave.







I called in sick and went anyways 😀




Me:Hello Ma..

Ma: Hello, ha bol (Yeah..tell me)

Me: Ma ami ekta cake baniyechi.. Aaj christmas tai bhbalam baritei banaina na keno cake?(I made a cake today…Its christmas! and I thought why not make a cake at home itself?)

Ma:  Ami ekta maach ke jol-e dubiye merechi..(I drowned a fish in water)

Me:WHAT???Why are you fooling around?

Ma:You started it…


p.s. I did make a cake yesterday and It tasted awesome. But sadly Ma doesn’t believe it 😦