You Take Me For A Cur?

Taking away everything that I hold dear,

Leaving me empty with a message oh so clear,

Washing away any remnants of sunshine,

Darkness sits heavy on this heart of mine.


Whirling me fast, turning me round and round,

Till I am dazed and I fall to the ground,

Losing all I ever had in this ne’er ending life,

Punched in the face, playing sport with a knife.


Tossing me up, throwing me with disdain,

The sun burns me, so does the bad rain,

Toying with me, kicking me like a cur,

Forgetting how friends we once were.


I die a thousand deaths, before my time,

The bells they toll, before they are to even chime,

You laugh, a thousand daggers pierce me,

You are a devil and that’s all you’ll ever be.


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