In my mind, I have seen,

The Monster who’s ever been,

Hiding in the closet of my soul,

Waiting to consume me, whole.


I have tried to fight him,in his infancy,

Using the sword of cold meritocracy,

He wins each time,whispering in my ear,

“I am, what you will become dear.”


I have tried to reason with him,appealed to his heart,

He laughs, “My heart is your heart,”

“Ask it, what it yearns,what it longs for!”

And now I know, I have already lost the war.


Days go by, the Monster thrashes to come out, at any pretence,

I try to mount my one last valiant defence,

Drugs go down the drain, so does the alchohol,

I need to kill him, once and for all.


He laughs at my optimism, calls it naive,

“You are riding out on penance’s one last wave,

I shall forever be waiting, ready to pounce,

Give back the Dark Prince, his world, ounce by ounce.”


“You shall become what you are destined to be,

A Monster, hated by all, for eternity,

That will be your sacrifice for humanity,

That they may sleep peacefully, while you are banished to Hell, for all posterity.”


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