Me:Hello Ma..

Ma: Hello, ha bol (Yeah..tell me)

Me: Ma ami ekta cake baniyechi.. Aaj christmas tai bhbalam baritei banaina na keno cake?(I made a cake today…Its christmas! and I thought why not make a cake at home itself?)

Ma:  Ami ekta maach ke jol-e dubiye merechi..(I drowned a fish in water)

Me:WHAT???Why are you fooling around?

Ma:You started it…


p.s. I did make a cake yesterday and It tasted awesome. But sadly Ma doesn’t believe it 😦




I aint game for Bollywood songs most of the time. However recently I find myself humming this song.


Singer – Leon D’ Souza

Music – A.R.Rehman

Well its a copy of the Tamil cracker of the same name. Rehman’s at it again and the catchy tune keeps looping in your head. If only the lines in English packed the same punch as its original counterpart…

Udti hui titli ki rangeen parchhaai reh jaati hai phoolon mein
Waise hi tum ek tasveer ke jaise chhaye ho inn aankhon mein