The Sail of Life…

When all’s been said and done,
And you are still at open sea,
Remember your journey had just begun
To the promised land of tranquility.

While the winds may howl and waves may roar,
Leaving you teethering in doubt,
God’s helping hand will cast you ashore,
If no other help is there about.

And when you finally do hit,
The harbour of eternal bliss,
Say a silent prayer for not saying QUIT,
When all hope seemed totally amiss.

Our life is one big ocean,
And we sail its unpredictable waters,
Sailors ahoy,come my brethren,
Lets throw away our fetters.

For those who row with open mind,
Will be rewarded richly,
The closed spirits, Troubles shall find
and trouble them eternally.

Let us Sail the Sail of Life…..

                                                BON VOYAGE!!!!