Then It Rained…

And then it rained,

Washing away my tears,

She stepped back, her hand withdrawn,

Confirming my worst fears.


“You need to go. Be safe,” she whispered,

We both knew it was true,

Time stood still, the silence deafening,

As she bid a tearful adieu.


Memories came flashing back,

Of a past gone in a moment’s notice,

Time was all that remained,

Playing the Devil’s apprentice.


She walked slowly back to the crowd,

Her silhouette fading away among the multitude,

Mom went back to her Earthly life,

And I passed back to my Transcendental solitude.


8 thoughts on “Then It Rained…

  1. I kept imagining two lovers breaking up, but you took the poem to another level with your concluding lines. Awesom your words touched a chord in my heart Abhijnan.

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