Will You Come My Friend?

To the end of world and back,
Will you join me?
There might be a thousand waves crashing on you
At times when you might need a hard earned rest.

We will travel the seas, the mountains and the land as well.

From Kandahar to Reykjavik,
We will trod the forbidden lands
Pray with the lamas,
Dance with the gypsies,
Ride with the Arabs,
Hunt with Masai
And sleep underneath the stars,
While the gentle breeze from Kilimanjaro
Soothes us and brings back the memories from back home.
We shall revel in chasing the elephants, visit Tutankhamen in his wondrous eternal sleep
And look the Sphinx in the eye.

When we reach the end
We shall simply turn back and head home,
For there will be waiting on the front porch our families,
And people shall line the streets waving flags,
As they welcome us, the heroes,
The conquerors of distant lands,
And our friends shall flank us.

Will you come with me my friend?

For without you it will only be a journey,
With you beside me, it shall be a pilgrimage.


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