Remember Thy Name

When You have no faith no more,
And You are not that sure,
You can feel inside Hope’s empty roar,
You know life’s a bitch, life’s a whore.

When You come crashing down,
To the deepest bowels of the sand,
You realize you are a loser, a clown,
With none to give You a hand.

Times are but a’changing,
But You are not aware,
You still think You could have made it,
Beware, beware!

When You are down and out of hope,
And think of nothing else,
But to hang Yourself by the rope,
And pray for deliverance.

Well, that’s when I say You are ready,
Ready to begin anew,
Show the world you are not anybody,
But a thousand forces that slowly stew.

Rise now from the ashes,
And dust off the pain,
Remove Your petty shackles,
And let the earth Remember Thy name.



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