A Travel Monologue

I have sailed over a thousand seas,
And crossed a thousand mountains,
I have passed through unwelcome woods,
And drank from sparkling fountains.

I have sculled over bottomless depths,
In search of one true love,
I have trespassed over private lands,
And touched the sky above.

I have fought with beasts and raced with men,
And made merry till the first hour,
I have drank with the Gods and sinned with the Dark,
All for her, mon amour.

The endless quest goes on and on,
On and on till I reach afterlife,
Love I might not have got, my lady I might not have found,
But I gained the exhilir of life.

My travels took me far and beyond,
Beyond the realms of possibility,
And I shall move on and on,
Till I fade into eternity.


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