It was HER…

He caught his breath. It was her. She was standing under the flickering neon light. “After all these years,” he smiled to himself.  There was that same elegance and beauty. He could say it was her without looking further. And the years started winding back in his mind. Memories whirled by, images from a distant past that had been lost amidst the quagmire of life. That is until now.

“Shall I approach her?” Indecision gripped him. The years had taken their toll. ”She wouldn’t recognize me now, “he thought. He tried to chalk out a plan that would see him approach her as an old friend without giving anything away about his current penniless existence. He tried and cancelled out several options. At last he decided the best way would be to approach her directly. He started to walk towards her, his heart pounding in anticipation. Just then a man came out of the nearby shop and before our man could say something, went up to her in three steps flat.

Our man took a brief pause, dumbstruck. He then nodded to himself. Who was he kidding? She had moved on with her life. Slowly jealousy gripped him. He wanted to tear apart the man from the shop. He knew he had to confront him. He resumed his walk; this time at a brisk pace.

The walk cooled him down. He accepted it was no use blaming the man from the shop. It was he himself who had failed her. He changed his mind and decided it was time for one last goodbye. But he was too late. Before he could reach her, she screeched away leaving behind her former owner in a cloud of dust and smoke. He kept gazing at the ’69 Chevy, his baby, he had nurtured and loved over the years but had to let go of due to unprecedented hard times. Finally she moved away beyond the horizon leaving a broken man in her wake.



Then It Rained…

And then it rained,

Washing away my tears,

She stepped back, her hand withdrawn,

Confirming my worst fears.


“You need to go. Be safe,” she whispered,

We both knew it was true,

Time stood still, the silence deafening,

As she bid a tearful adieu.


Memories came flashing back,

Of a past gone in a moment’s notice,

Time was all that remained,

Playing the Devil’s apprentice.


She walked slowly back to the crowd,

Her silhouette fading away among the multitude,

Mom went back to her Earthly life,

And I passed back to my Transcendental solitude.