Above Them All

I am a great hypnotic, perhaps the greatest. History is testimony to that. Heroin and marijuana have only spurred gang wars or maybe some international diplomatic tussles. I on the other hand have been a runaway winner in this regard. My resume boasts of an impressive Two World Wars and all other annexation and political battles. Ha! Beat that.
I am also a great leveler. I do not distinguish between religions, race, caste or creed or between princes and paupers, Samsons and weaklings or between the fools and intelligentsia. I affect all and sundry. Right from the owner of the next door car garage to the President of a country, everybody likes to be able to pull the strings. I have succeeded long back where others have failed. For I can unite.
I am a magnet. I attract the sanest minds driving them insane! I draw the men out of their comfort zone and get them to live their dreams for a while. Then when they feel being on cloud nine, I crush them under my unforgiving feet. Even GOD and LUCIFER fought for me. I gave in to none!
I am the joy of morning and the sorrow of night. I am the Saviour of many and the Death of others. I am the Greatest Drug of All. I am
Image                                               Il potere è sangue. Sangue è potere.

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