The Length And Breadth Of It…

Big shot, Thin ice, Small fish, Fat check,
Loose tongue, Tight strings, Narrow lanes, Wide neck.
Halter top, Starter food, Stopper gap, Running tap.
Push-ups, Press downs, Long drives, Small nap.
Enzo Red, Brown Lamb, Silver Martin, White ‘Bach,
Yellow Cab, Ford Blue, Chevy Green, Bentley Black.
Blue Sky, Green Fields, White Snow, Black Coal,
Lateral Thinking, Mazy Run, Sharp Shoot, Common Goal.
Straight Road, Bent Poker, Corner Café, Centre Stage,
Over the Head, Down to Earth, Max Profits, Min Wage.
A-List, X-Files, Y-Gen, Z-Bar,
E-Mail, F-Word, U-turn, N-War.
Snake Eyes, Hawk Nose, Horse Legs, Lion Heart,
Eagle Sight, Shark Smell, Cat Stealth, Penguin Smart.
Fried Chicken, Skimmed Milk, ‘Mac Burger, Hot Dog,
Heavy Rains, Light Shower, Desert Storm, Dense Fog.
Been there, Done that, Seen it, Set Shop,
Smart Ass, Lazy Bum, Super Sloth, FULL STOP.

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