“Dad, we’ll take a cab.”

“No. I am fine. The leg feels good. A bus would suffice.”

“But Dad!”

“I said no. Besides it’s been a long time since I got on a bus in Kolkata.”

“Okay Dad, as you wish.”

Rony took his father’s hand and reached the bus stop. A bus was already there but it wasn’t the one they wanted. He took two steps in front of the waiting bus to peer and see what other buses were arriving when suddenly……


There was a pool of blood and in the middle of it, lay Rony. A bus was stranded in the middle of the road, people were shouting, a huge crowd was spanking the bus driver and yet all that Rony’s dad could hear was silence, utter deafening silence.



p.s. This is a real incident which took place on this very day, 11 years earlier. Rony Dada, my favourite elder brother died that day at the tender age of 25. And his dad, Alok Jethu (as we lovingly call him. He is my dad’s eldest brother) still hears that silence. All he says is “We could have taken a cab.”


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. When you lose somebody, you always have these things in your mind – what you could have done. I lost my grandparents in an accident and I still play the whole thing in my head, how it could have all been avoided….

    I hope he is in peace

    • Well I don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for my uncle who still repents the fact that he wanted to get on a bus against the wishes of his son. Had they taken a cab as Rony Dada suggested,maybe the mishap wouldn’t have happened at all. Then again, all this is speculation.

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