Above Them All

I am a great hypnotic, perhaps the greatest. History is testimony to that. Heroin and marijuana have only spurred gang wars or maybe some international diplomatic tussles. I on the other hand have been a runaway winner in this regard. My resume boasts of an impressive Two World Wars and all other annexation and political battles. Ha! Beat that.
I am also a great leveler. I do not distinguish between religions, race, caste or creed or between princes and paupers, Samsons and weaklings or between the fools and intelligentsia. I affect all and sundry. Right from the owner of the next door car garage to the President of a country, everybody likes to be able to pull the strings. I have succeeded long back where others have failed. For I can unite.
I am a magnet. I attract the sanest minds driving them insane! I draw the men out of their comfort zone and get them to live their dreams for a while. Then when they feel being on cloud nine, I crush them under my unforgiving feet. Even GOD and LUCIFER fought for me. I gave in to none!
I am the joy of morning and the sorrow of night. I am the Saviour of many and the Death of others. I am the Greatest Drug of All. I am
Image                                               Il potere è sangue. Sangue è potere.

How I Wish I Could…

I…I want to fly so high,
Like a tiny speck across the sky,
Trees a blur as I fly by,
Flying on till heaven is nigh.
I…I want to run so fast,
Racing by as cars go past,
Sounds of civilization? But a distant blast,
Run on, on and on, on till I last.
I…I want to scream so loud,
Till ripples are felt in the distant ground,
Till it buries every other sound,
Shout, till my voice is lost and found.
I…I want to dance so great,
A joy in the mood, a spring in each step,
The night melts away and daylight takes shape,
Dance on till my feet need help.
I…I want to laugh so bright,
Like a ray of hope that makes everything alright,
Like an angel that takes away all the fright,
And spreads far and wide, the divine white light.
I…I want to have so much fun,
Fun that stays from night till dawn,
Like a ship sailing on and on,
Here ends the wish list of whimsical Abhijnan!!