The Abandoned

Dusting off the remnants of darkness which clung to my soul
I emerged outside to embrace the sunshine.
I was bedazzled with the overpowering rays,
A reminder that I belonged to the dark side of the moon.

I tried to reach for the sun,
Only to be thrust to the nadir of civilization,
I waited there silently counting my days to freedom,
Meanwhile getting forged from the flames of pain and suffering.

The light turned away from me,
And I had no shadow,
The people whispered in fear, ‘His heart is black’
And thus was born the legend of ‘The Abandoned’.

Abandoned my men, condemned by God,
I am ‘the one great shame’,
Given birth to by excess of goodness,
Darkness smiling as I wailed for the first time.

I shall torch the cradle one day,
It rocks the civilization to a lullaby now,
Restore balance, the time of the Evil is come.
Lucifer shall be back again.


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