No Escape

Me: “I‘ll find someone.”

Little Voice: “Who? Like the girl who ditched you without bothering to give you a head’s up?”

I was cowered. The bastard knew my weakness.

Me: “Well, I wasn’t good enough for her.”

Little Voice: “Wasn’t she responsible for that? Wasn’t she overtly a control-freak, suspecting you of infidelity just because physically you lived thousands of miles away?”

Me: “Yeah true, but whoa whoa hold on! What’s that got to do with me trying to fight my fate?”

Little Voice: “Everything! You don’t learn. You try to fight something which has only pain in store for you.”

Me: “Only pain?”

Little Voice: “Born with bone tumour, degenerative myopia, getting ditched for no fault of yours, all people you trusted backstabbing you, failing in MBA entrance each and every time, no luck with placements, people mistrusting you and thinking you are good for nothing, shall I go on?”

The Little Voice had touched my raw nerve. I despised Fate. It never helped me. It was my ruin!

But I’d had enough.

Me: “I cannot live in fear anymore. Fuck Fate! I am going out all-guns-blazing.”







I was panting. “Stop,” I cried in agony.

It stood over me laughing. “You cannot escape me.”

Fate had caught up with me, yet again.


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