She is Bad,She is Good.I have lived with her,I want to die for her.I have been born from her.And I have fed on her.She is my ‘Bright Side of the Moon’.She blackens my soul,She cleanses it.She’s my fulfillment,my passion.She is my talent and She is my attitude.She shall bring about my moment of reckoning and She shall bring my downfall. She burns within me in a tight leash,She liberates me.I worship her and I abuse her.I am repulsed by her,I am seduced by her.She is my Black Magic Woman and my Angel of Peace.She is my manna, She is my poison.She kicks my ass,She heals my wounds.She is cacophony,She is music.She calms me down,She throws me into a hysteria.She is despair,She is that fleeting glimpse of hope. She is Destiny’s Problem Child, She is the Saviour of tormented souls. She is Lucifer’s Bride,She is God’s Chosen One.She is PAIN,She is my SOUL.

p.s This is actually from the archives of my notes in my facebook account


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