Goodness is coming

I saw my country being molested,

I couldn’t save her with my broken legs,

I could only scream my agony out,

My soul died that day.


I asked Him, ”Why do you stand quietly by?

While your children are crossing over to the Dark Side?”

He was quiet, the silence torturous,

Am I losing my faith?


His voice boomed at last,

“I made you in my own image,

You have abused me thorough,

Retribution is coming,

None who have sinned shall be spared.”


I wasn’t convinced yet,

“Our courts are slow,

And the people without a will,

Burdened by the filth of power”


He smiled,”Trust me my child,

For a parent never abandons its offspring,

True be he who stands the test of times,

To leap into my arms of eternal peace.”


“The world shall be renewed,

And the land purged of wrongdoing,

Till then carry on the struggle,

Be an act, not only a voice of dissent.”


“Evil will try to tear you down,

But I’ll be by your side,

To lend you a hand when I know you can’t go on,”

His words echoing through my troubled mind.


My soul which died a thousand deaths,

Is waking up from its deep slumber,

My mind is shaking off its cobwebs,

Look into your heart, I shall rise again.




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