I can write a Love Story too!!!

Someone suggested that I write a love story. So I am going to try to write one.


Boy-He is uh well, pretty average. No,wait, make that below average. So I can very well give him my name, however since this is going to be a work of fiction, let’s stick to imaginary ones. He is called Aby.

Girl- I’ll call her Neha (I kind of like this name)

Once upon a time (Aesop rocks!!!), there lived a guy named Aby. He was not cool at all. In fact he was every bit the idiot that we, self-proclaimed pursuers of the IIT dream (we advertised proudly though, didn’t we?) used to be in school. Now the gate of his school opened into another one, and there studied the other protagonist of the story-Neha.  She was insanely beautiful, one of them who kind of tease you with their looks.

Now anyone out there, would you be so kind so as to complete this half-baked idea of a love story?


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