The Question

“The tempest in many ways depicts Shakespeare’s waning literary powers. His hero takes the help of supernatural elements to bring justice to his daughter, which in a way was also an act of revenge, albeit in a subdued tone. Now we see his brother an as usurper, a grave crime in the eyes of every man, the very same eyes which approve of the accolades given to several conquerors throughout history. Therefore, boys, when you read, remember that every character suffers from shades of grey and cannot be compartmentalized into definitive heroes and villains. Any questions?” The teacher paused for breath. My hand shot up.

“Yes, Abhijnan, go ahead. What is your question? ”

“Miss, may I please go to the toilet?”

There was a moment of stunned silence and a frosty glare from her as the class waited with bated breath for an opportunity to laugh at this abomination of a question. It never came.


I was thrown out of the class.





p.s. In my Alma Mater we called the lady teachers ‘Miss’ and yeah we had to ask for permission to go to the toilet.



One thought on “The Question

  1. Brilliant! succinct and witty to the core!! well, I can very well understand your situation as this tradition of taking permission was followed in my Alma Mater too!!

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