The Musical…

It was mesmerizing. The panorama of colours, both bright and subdued was breathtaking. Add to that the enchanting music and there was the perfect recipe for an experience of a lifetime. The smash of violet across the stage every time the Stradivarius reached a crescendo seemed to transport the visibly gaping spectators to another world, where rats followed the trumpet man to the sea and Evil was out of the dictionary. The musical was an ‘orgasm for the eye and ear’ as one of one my friends called out in lurid exuberance in a later ‘on-the-rocks’ discussion.

It played for an hour and a half non-stop, the acting terrific and the story sublime and at the end of it, thunderous claps of appreciation boomed filled the tent as all spectators jumped to their feet to applaud the entourage.

Well not all spectators to speak the truth, actually it was all of them minus one….Me.

All that has been described above are words of my mother, who was also present with me in that tent on that day. As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t enjoy the show because I was in dire straits!!!I kept shifting around in my seat in a packed tent, looking for a way out of which there were none. You see, all I wanted to do was pee! And the situation arose because I, who has a small bladder, did not heed my mother’s words that a tent doesn’t have a toilet. When my mother understood my predicament, all she said was “How stupid can you be?”

She was right; HOW STUPID CAN I BE?


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