The Date

Let me tell you about the time I went on a date. It was a special date because counting that particular instance, the number of dates I have managed till today is… ONE.

Sometime back I met a girl online. After months of laughing at innocent jokes and going ‘aww’ over unbearable rom-com videos, I finally managed to muster the courage to ask her out and to my utter joy, she agreed! Well, reluctantly yes, but that was more than enough for me.

The D-DAY arrived at last and that day I could have given any woman a run for her money with the time I spent fretting over myself in front of the mirror. The hair wouldn’t straighten; the clothes looked fresh out of a hand wash (which they were), all wrinkled and smelling of washing powder.  Even copious amounts of deodorant didn’t seem to suffice. And the shoes, ah well the shoes! They looked straight out of a Charles Dickens’ novel. Anyways, I dressed up and without any afterthought left my home for the restaurant where she had agreed to meet me.

The night was sharp, a chill in the weather which felt good. The bite did wonders for the nervous sweat which trickled down my face. So I decided to walk to the restaurant rather than take a bus. I had time to kill too and the walk seemed a good idea. I maintained a brisk pace nevertheless and made it to the joint just on time.

She waved at me as soon I entered through the door. I was pleasantly surprised and in my mind admonished myself for having arrived after her. I had begun to my customary check over my clothes to check whether everything was in place or not when my world came crashing down. I had come to a date without my WALLET!!! My freaking messiah, the wallet! How was I gonna foot the bill? In my mind I stabbed myself a thousand times. The nearby wall suddenly seemed very tempting to bang my head against. I didn’t know what to do.

And then, I made the most idiotic choice ever recorded in the annals of mankind. I ran away from the restaurant! And so whatever chance I had of salvaging my evening went up in smoke. To err is human; to not admit it and run away is cowardice.

I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn’t even bring myself to call her to offer an apology. It was late in the afternoon the next day when I got a call. It was her.

“Hello, what happened? You bolted after seeing me!”

“Yeah, I am sorry. I forgot my wallet”

“I don’t believe this! You ran away because you forgot your wallet? You could have told me!”

“Yeah I am sorry. I didn’t know what to do. Are we good?” I asked lamely.

“No we are not. You left a girl waiting without any apparent reason. How stupid can you be? “

And she hung up. I had blown it big time.

She was right, HOW STUPID CAN I BE?


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