Easy Company

I am a loner.  It’s not that I had not tried to mingle with people. There were lots of pains taken to find a buddy but all had ended in failures. And I do not know the reason for this .Everyone likes me you see, and tells me “You are the only bloody  friend that I have.” But they never feel proud to talk about me (except maybe in a tone of jest or mocking laughter). They consciously avoid me on their resume of best pals and make sure that I remain a taboo friend. They say they forget their pain when they are with me. Now what more can a friend do? I give joy for heaven’s sake! Sure sometimes, I overdo and send one or more sorry asses down to the local hospital but then hey! That’s friendly banter, nothing else. They say I am everyone’s EASY COMPANY. Company, my arse! A bunch of pathetic two-faced loons! Well’s it’s time. Whoever is writing about me has surely gulped down a casket full of me and hence is susceptible to sudden ravings of an inebriated madman.  God help him!


Easy Company!!!

p.s. By the way I have heard that I have become costlier.

Take that you pretenders!Cheers!!!


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